July 22, 2014

Top tips that could help people in Britain to continue exercising throughout the cold and wet winter months

Many people feel their energy levels and motivation drop during the winter, so it can be tricky for individuals to keep up their exercise routines. However, there are ways in which people can increase their chances of staying on course when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle over the colder … [Read more...]

All you Need to Know about Medical Negligence Claims & No Win No Fee Services


Medical negligence claims are made when someone in the medical profession has mistreated a victim.  This could be treatment given by: ·         A doctor ·         A nurse ·         A dentist ·         An optician ·         A hospital ·         A therapist Any medical professional, and it … [Read more...]

Female medics

Historically, women were limited when it came to career choices and medicine was certainly not a career a woman could even consider pursuing. The few women who did show an interest in pursuing a career in medicine were ridiculed and their applications to join universities in the UK were rejected … [Read more...]